Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Week... What We've Done!

Merry Christmas!!

We have had such a great time preparing for Christmas! Now that our wishes have been submitted to Santa
(AKA: Ho Ho,) the presents have been wrapped, and the stockings hung, we take a look back at the fun we have had so far...
Twins' Preschool Party

A Christmas Casualty:
Harrison got hungry and ate the fruit loop garland that Hailey had made for their tree...

A gift from a neighbor... pretzel snowmen-- really cute!!

~The family Christmas @ Wamplerworld~
Friday Night, December 19

Hailey got a beanbag from Nana and PawPaw;
her name is Charlene.

Harrison likes to play rough with his beanbag!
My "little" brother, Keith, leads in Christmas carols

Natalie and Alyson sharing a song with PawPaw
Monday night our sweet friend Carol came over for a pre-Christmas visit. She gave the twins a fireman outfit and a vet's uniform. What a fun friend to have!!! We love Carol!

And finally, we all know that the angels sang glory to God in the highest... well, we will have to teach Harrison that the angel didn't ride in a chunky truck led by a pig in a trailer. We are working on the details of the story!

Merry Christmas to All!


Travis, Kerri, Hailey, & Harrison

Monday, December 15, 2008

Letters to Santa

Although Hailey and Harrison aren't speaking in full sentences all the time, they definately have a way of letting Santa know what they want for Christmas! However, they thought that writing a letter would help. I am sure that Santa understands green and red scribble, don't you? : )

P.S. Harrison did actually sit in Santa's lap last week... Hailey preferred to observe from afar.

One HOT Party!!

The twins had the great opportunity to attend a birthday party of a sweet friend at the fire station on Saturday. Boy, was that fun!! They got a tour of the firehouse, watched the firefighters dress in their fireproof suits, were allowed to climb on the big red truck, and learn some about fire safety. Then, there was a great firetruck cake that tasted so good! What a fun memory!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tupelo Christmas Parade... Plenty of COLD Fun!!

Saturday morning was a great time for a COLD parade. We enjoyed visiting with friends and sitting on Carley and Richard's curb! Hailey and Harrison, between shivers, enjoyed the parade... and the pigs in a blanket- Thanks Carley!!
*pictured are: red (Roll Tide) attire, Sarah and Will James; pink coat with mom, Lucy Helen and Carley Johnston

O Christmas Tree!!!!

Friday the twins and I took up an art adventure. We made a tree topper for their tree. The wings are made after we traced and cut out Hailey's hands. She is very proud of her angel. Harrison was more of an "art consultant." Just give him a pair of scissors and some scrap paper... no harm done, just a lot of paper chips!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Cheer!

I am like most people... I love this time of year!! We are only a week into the Christmas season, but we are enjoying every minute of it. I am posting some pictures from Saturday when we decorated the trees, plus a few extras of sweet moments around the house. The twins are enjoying looking (and swatting) the tree ornaments. Last year we had a barrier around the tree. So this year, it is a free for all! Also, it is also really sweet to watch them learn about the nativity. There is so much you can learn when looking through a child's eyes.

In our new jammies enjoying the Christmas scenery

We love handmade ornaments!

This train travels nonstop to the North Pole!

Trimming the tree!

This really needs explaining...

Harrison is hitting the Charlie Brown Nativity Scene with his hammer!