Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Beloved Biscuit... A Tribute

Biscuit Roosevelt Wampler
November 5, 1998- November 4, 2008

It has been just shy of a week since we lost our sweet Biscuit. We had ten wonderful years to spend with him. He was a joy in every aspect, and our hearts are broken.
As part of saying good-bye, it is only fitting that we share some of Biscuit's finest moments...

~Baby Biscuit ~
We bought Biscuit our first Christmas that we were married.

~El-Bis... ~

Biscuit dressed as Elvis
We took every opportunity to show Biscuit off.
Here, he was dressed for a pet parade at the Elvis Presley Festival.

~A Tradition~
This is one of my favorite pictures we took of him for our Christmas card.

~Biscuit's first snow~

A puppy in the powder!

~A Bucket of Biscuit~
Fall 2008
The crew taking a tractor ride...
this will always make me laugh!!

I wish I had these photos dated... however, we know that over the past ten years, we have created many cherishable memories. Whether it was Biscuit meeting us at the door, sleeping in our bed, being chased by Harrison, or his renowned vocals, he will be terribly missed. Thanks for sharing in his life!

He was truly a man (and woman's) best friend.


The Patricks said...

Awe...I've never seen "baby" Biscuit!!! Too sweet!

My name is Kristi Jadzinski said...

Precious and very fitting. Love ya!

ginny said...

I'm so sorry about Biscuit! What a sweet pup.

Carley said...

aww. biscuit. the dog who could not control his licker. that movie marley and me comes out on christmas and we are going to all boo-hoo when we see it. have you read the book?

Martha Ann said...

That is the sweetest tribute to Biscuit! I have all the Christmas cards you sent with his picture.

April said...

Such a sweet tribute to a sweet pup. I'm so sorry for your loss and I'm sending *big hugs and lots of love*

Sydney said...

Scott and I are so sorry about Biscuit. It is so hard to loose a "four legged baby."