Saturday, January 24, 2009

"WAMP!"- ler

~"Wamp" is the sound I heard when I hit the ground... ~
What started out to be a delightful trip to my sister's, went south fast-- literally. Natalie, Alyson, and Kristi were in the back lot flying kites when we arrived in Meridian around 3:35pm on Friday. Before we even made it into the house, we went to the back yard to play. Well, Kristi and I were attempting to take a picture of the kites, as they flew at close proximity. In the meantime, I tried to keep the strings from getting tangled. In that attempt, I tripped and fell to the ground- landing on nose. After a few minutes, I was picked up off the ground, cleaned up, and driven up the hill to the house in a golf cart. My WONDERFUL sister and nurse came to my immediate rescue, never leaving my side (I wouldn't let her.) After discussing our options, we decided to go to the Urgent
Care Clinic, (mostly for a tetanus shot due to the cut on my nose,) but they closed just prior to our arrival. So, we walked next door to the ER. In 34 years, this is my first trip to the ER as a patient. The staff at Jeff Anderson Regional Medical Center was wonderful, and my treatment was quick. I got cleaned up, got my shot, and my X-Ray showed that my nose was broken. I was given Lortab (hallelujah,) and orders to follow-up with my Tupelo ENT. All of that happened in the first 3 hours after our arrival. Thank goodness day one came to a close. Day 2... more drama. Hailey was sent to "her" room, (really her cousins',) for time out. While pitching a fit, she managed to lock herself in the bedroom. Kristi and I couldn't get her out... the "tools" that we tried to use wouldn't unlock the door. We even attempted a window rescue, on a ladder in the rain. No luck. After calling all of our knights in shining armor, the contractor gave us a hint on how to open the door. Mystery solved, much to our relief. NEXT. Harrison is picking up tinker toys, falls (while on his knees,) with a toy stick in his mouth, and cuts the roof of his mouth. We have been her 24 hours and our initiation is complete. Stay tuned... we are here until Tuesday!!

Check out my sister's blog for another perspective.
Beware! It is a little more graphic!


ginny said...

Kerri, you poor thing! It will get better, I promise! I just told Sarah Claire about the Tinker Toy incident and she's scared enough not to try that! I've had to remove door knobs a couple of times to extricate kids and a cat from locked bedrooms!

JULIE said...

oh my gosh!!! Mrs. Kerri! That is hardcore. Are you still in pain? Gloritab was my best friend at Super Summer this past summer when I broke my finger playing spoons with the youth and was rushed to the ER because i couldn't stay conscious. (pitiful, i know.) :)
I am so sorry about your accident. I'll be praying for you! You may need to stay indoors until Tuesday. :)

Heather said...

Oh Kerri!!
I'm so sorry!!
Hope you feel better soon.