Monday, March 2, 2009

There's No Business Like Snow Business!!!!

From the looks of several blogs, many of us woke up to a sweet snow on Sunday. It makes me feel like a kid again! We actually still have a little in a pinestraw in the flowerbeds... that's where "the sun don't shine." We had a sweet time discussing the snow phenomenon with the twins. This is actually their second snow- it snowed a good bit on March 7 of last year. Maybe they are a good luck charm!

~Sunday morning~
(I can't wait to get landscaping in our yard!!)

March 7, 2008 Tupelo SNOW

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Flip Flopping Fun!!
Saturday was a very busy day. We went to a Focus on the Family Marriage Conference from 8-3:30 at the church. It was a simulcast that broadcasted to over 400 around North America. Our church, Calvary, was a host church. Some of the speakers included Gary Smalley and Beth Moore. We really enjoyed the entire conference. After that ended, we headed over to a birthday party for a classmate of the twins. It was held at Flip Flop Gymnastics, and they had a blast!! Everything is geared for smaller kids. They walked on the balance beams (with help,) swung on the rings and bars. The ballpit and jumper were also a huge hit. Unfortunately, my camera only captured a few shots before the battery died, but it gives you the jist. After all this fun, we had steak and taters with some friends. As we were driving around on Saturday, Hailey spoke up from the backseat and said, "I've had a fun day!" That speaks for all of us!