Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, Monday!!

Today the weather was wonderful, so we did a little play inside and outside. The twins always seem to find the stuff they want. They have discovered the craft drawer in the laundry room. At first, they just went for crayons. Now they are branching out and wanting to paint. I do love to see their creativity blossom! The results were a pretty combination of red, blue, and yellow "smears." I have never seen paintings more beautiful!
After Travis got home, he attempted to work on Hailey and Harrison's playgym. Well, believe it or not, the twins can actually climb to the top of the platform by themselves (which is about 7.5 feet.) It was fun to watch the interest the twins had in what Travis was doing. It was a little impeding to Travis' speed, but sweet memories were made in the process!
*We are still working on potty training, thus the training pants/no shirt attire in the pictures. Both are doing good. Harrison made the most of the experience today by throwing a small, decorative knife in the big potty. He loves to flush, and if it entertains and keeps him interested in his mission, it's okay with me (to a point.) However, I knew there was trouble when I can back and saw no sign of the knife. I asked him about it, and in his own words, he let me know that he flushed it!


Sydney said...

So glad to have found your blog! The twins are absolutely precious! Wish we asw ya'll more often, but we'll keep up with you through your blog!