Friday, October 31, 2008

Calvary's Family Fall Festival... Fabulous!!

At the Sock Hop...

Wednesday was the Fall Festival at church, and the twins went back in time and dressed as a fifties couple. Despite my best efforts of taking happy children to the festival, half of the duo thwarted my attempts. I bet you can guess who... instead of leaving the sock hop, Hailey appears to have just gotten off of the grump stump! Despite my sweet Kara's (Young) efforts, it took food to put the bounce back in Hailey J's socks!
Hailey and KK (Kara)

Harrison, on the other hand, was full steam. His socks were hopping most of the night. Here he is standing in the middle of a giant bubble. Despite the fun booths, finding the candy buckets was the most enjoyable activity of the night!

Harrison: on, or in, the bubble?

Dancing with my stars


Hailey whacks at bubbles with a noodle;

Harris (Ward) and Harrison;

double trouble in a bubble


The Patricks said...

They are sooooooooooo cute!! Great idea!! We miss you all!

Ginny said...

You have inspired me to hurry up and post my Family Fun Night pics. I love the one of Harrison in the bubble, and completely appreciate your comment about Hailey the "grump stump!" You are a fantastic mom.

Granna said...

So sorry I missed them at MDOT!! The costumes are so cute, as always! I had to rush home to my own little grandchildren for trick-or-treat!