Friday, October 10, 2008

Fabulous Fall Fun!

Today we went to the pumpkin patch and gigantic hay maze at the Tupelo Buffalo Park. A long- time friend from Columbus and her son (who is a few weeks older than the twins,) met us at the park. We did the hay maze... and got lost. Yes, we did. We ended up climbing over the bales of hay to get out!! I don't recommend the activity for preschoolers.. or maybe even their parents!! The twins played in the air castle, pet the goats, and enjoyed other activities that were offered. As for the pumpkin patch, Harrison wasn't too picky... Hailey couldn't find a pumpkin that was "perfect enough." So, I snatched one on the way out for her, just to make it worth our money! We left the park hot, red-faced, and hungry, but with lots of fun stories to tell! Thanks Susie and Thomas for a fun day!!

Positively Pumpkins!!!

Pick of the Patch...

Hailey and Billy.

Almost a FULL MOON in the pumpkin patch!

The tortoise and the.... goat? Possibly a new twist on an old story.


Beverly said...

That pumpkin patch looks very similar to ours up here! You are so brave for trying the maze. We haven't attempted it yet (and will maybe wait another year after your story!). Glad you all are enjoying the fall. I noticed that you are still in shorts- as are we up here in Virginia!